Victor Cruz mastering art of social media

In the golden age of social media, Victor Cruz is capitalizing on the opportunity to engage with his fan base and strengthen his brand beyond the playing field.

While the NFL has taken a guarded stance on social media and fan interaction, Victor Cruz welcomes the forum with open arms. The New York Giants wide receiver is a Twitter and Instagram guru and admitted to reporters on Monday that he has some fun along the way.

“The best part about social media is that you can talk to them whenever you want,” noted Cruz. “You can hold a Q&A whenever you want. It’s your opportunity to hold court and manipulate your social media handle whenever you want to. I always try to have conversations, answer questions, or have natural feedback with your fans. It’s always fun.”

Whether he’s promoting his clothing line or endorsing a product, the star wideout understands the power social media possess as a sales and marketing tool.

“A bulk of our promotion is done on social media with pictures, sales, and e-blasts,” Cruz stated. “It’s very beneficial for us on the business end because it’s low cost as far as marketing. We put out tweets and Instagram posts to direct traffic for our sight. It has done good things for us.”

While the Giants play things tight to the vest with regards to media attention, Cruz is never shy to entertain fan inquisitions, no matter how strange.

I’m always answering questions,” admitted Cruz. “Even if it’s ridiculous questions, I always like to have fun when I’m answering as well. Some people asked me, “What I would be doing if I wasn’t playing football?” and I told them a karate instructor.”

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