Rolle challenged by 'quicker' Giants' offense

Giants’ safety, Antrel Rolle talks about what it was matching up with the offense’s faster pace for the first time and putting on the full pads for practice.

The New York Giants are one step closer to the regular season and this week veteran safety Antrel Rolle was chomping at the bit to start practicing in full pads.

“It was bittersweet…we win some we lose some,” noted the Giants’ captain. “For the most part I think it was a very productive practice. It can always get better each and every day. I think today with our second round going out in the pads, we will have a more crisp and efficient practice”.

Team leaders like Rolle have already noticed a faster pace to the offense for the Giants.

”It’s definitely quicker,” admitted the talented safety. “It is going to be a huge benefit to our offense. Right now with things coming along for them, obviously they are not where they want to be, and no one here is, but it is coming together pretty smooth”.

With the offense increasing its playing pace, the defense is also challenged with playing faster during practice.

“It is a challenge for the defense,” noted Rolle. “At the same time it is a good challenge. It allows you to buckle in and focus on your assignment and technique. I think it is a plus for the offense and a plus for the defense because we all know we go up against fast, no-huddle offenses during the season”.

This season, Rolle has his eye on the progress of Devon Kennard and Nat Berhe.

“I’m anxious to see Nat [Berhe] in pads, and I am anxious to see Kennard in pads,” said Rolle. “I think both of those guys will be some pretty good run stoppers.”

According to Rolle, rookie Berhe has shown some potential. Although he still has more to learn and practice on, he is showing a great start with the Giants.

“He is very confident in his plays and for a young guy it is going to take him a little to learn our system,” said Rolle. “Our system is not the easiest to learn defensively. Once you grasp one concept, then you grasp another and it turns into a domino effect,” said Rolle, “I think Nat can be a very promising safety for us right now”.

All in all, Rolle seems to be impressed with his teammates and the overall progress they have made.

“I think Eli looks great,” said the veteran safety. “The receivers are going out there competing…when you see things like that you can always lift a hand and say that is good. You are making good progress”.

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