Fellow Giants' RB 'praying' for David Wilson

After David Wilson’s “burner” injury, running back Michael Cox talks about the condition of the player and his attitude and what his group is doing to stay on top of its game to prepare for the chance of Wilson not returning.

Things aren’t looking great for David Wilson. The running back, who had spinal surgery just months ago, suffered a “burner” during practice on Tuesday.

Just a few weeks before training camp started, the Giants and Wilson were optimistic about his progress and felt he was better enough to play and start practicing. Now however, Wilson will have to wait until his examination on Monday to know the severity of his recent injury and where to go from here.

Wilson’s teammate, RB Michael Cox spoke about his condition and what the team is doing.

“We all pray for him and hope for the best,” noted Cox. “But we’re all doing our jobs. Just trying our best and doing what we have to do”. “

Cox and the other running backs are all doing their best to contribute to the team and get strong enough during camp on the chance that Wilson will not be able to return.

Since Wilson got hurt, he has attended all the team meetings according to Cox and is still around the team.

The injury is an obvious set back for Wilson and the Giants, but he still isn’t losing his positive outlook just yet.

“He’s in a good mood,” said Cox. “He seemed good”.

The Giants seemed to have already forecasted that Wilson would not be that strong of an asset, if any this season. Newly signed players like Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams, will now have to fill Wilson’s spot.

According to Cox, the dynamic in the running back room seems to be developing.

“We’re all good friends. Rashad’s been in the league a while, so he’s helping everyone. Andre’s new, so we’re trying to help him out”.

The Giants’ running backs already have a difficult season ahead of them. With more emphasis on catching the ball, the RBs will have to be able to step up their game.

“Just have to make sure you catch and run the routes,” said Cox, who had some experience in catching in college.

Hopefully though, experienced players like Cox and Jennings, will be able to fill the shoes of Wilson if he is not able to return and help rookies like Williams get the experience he needs for the team.

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