Jay Bromley touts 'Orange Pride' with G-men

New York Giants rookie defensive tackle Jay Bromley is still adjusting to the speed of the NFL and had some interesting thoughts on his Syracuse connection with fellow teammates and head coach Tom Coughlin.

It was just two years ago when Jay Bromley was a junior defensive lineman for Syracuse University and was cheering on his beloved New York Giants to a Super Bowl title in 2012. Today, Bromley is playing for the Giants as their 2014 third round draft pick and trying to earn a spot of Big Blue’s defensive line during training camp.

Bromley is thankful to be able to play for his hometown team.

“A blessing in itself and I am just thankful to have this city behind me.”

As a rookie, Bromley is in the learning process of being able to pick the pro game and how fast the pace of the game is in the NFL compared to college.

“The offensive linemen are just as quick as you are,” noted Bromley. “You’re not getting away with the same little moves and the things you got away with in college because you were better than everyone else. It takes a lot of technique to win one on one battles at this level.”

One of the offensive lineman Bromley will have to go up against in camp is fellow Syracuse alum offensive tackle Justin Pugh. Pugh is not the only Syracuse alumni on the Giants. Quarterback Ryan Nassib is a Syracuse alum and, not to mention, the head coach of the G-Men Tom Coughlin is also a Syracuse alum.

Bromley talked about the Syracuse connection with the Giants and the influence of it with Coach Coughlin.

“Its Orange Pride throughout these hallways and that’s known. Everybody knows that and that’s the basis of it.”

That’s not the only thing Bromley had to say about Syracuse and Coach Coughlin.

“Cool man. He knows what he wants,” stated Bromley. “He’s like a grandpa that walks around the halls, I guess. Sometimes he has a great sense of humor, sometimes he doesn’t.”

One thing, though, Bromley takes very seriously is the words of wisdom coach Coughlin has given him. Bromley on what Coughlin has told him to keep in his mind is “Just be myself and continue to work hard and play with great effort.”

Besides having the chance to reconnect with his Orangeman buddies, Bromley knows that in training camp it’s all business and he is out to prove to he can make it in the pros, something that others thought he never accomplish.

“I’m not surprised, said Bromley on making it to the pros. “I’d like to think I set these goals in my head and I am thankful to have this opportunity, but it is something I worked for. It’s no surprise to me, it’s just a surprise to everybody else.”

As for his goal throughout his first training camp in the pros Bromley is keeping things in perspective

“My goal is just to get better each and every day,” noted the defensive lineman. “Come out here every day and work hard with my teammates, get in better condition, get in better shape, get my technique better, and get my pad level better. Those are my goals, I set those miniscule goals and the big goals will fall into place.”

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