David Wilson bids farewell to the NFL

The former New York Giants running back had his career cut short by neck injuries, but instead of asking for pity the speedster counted his blessings for being able to live out his NFL dream.

It’s only August, but fans of the New York Giants have already had to undergo a season’s worth of emotions when it comes to David Wilson, the team’s former running back. On the first day of camp came the terrific news that Wilson was fully recovered from spinal fusion surgery and had been cleared to play. Just two weeks later, we learned that Wilson had suffered another neck injury and was being advised by doctors not to play football again.

It was heartbreaking news for Wilson and a fan base that hoped to see him make plays for the Giants for years to come. Instead, the former first-round draft pick is leaving the NFL for health reasons after just two seasons. “At a young age I had a dream to play in the NFL,” said Wilson in a farewell news conference, “I did that, I played in the NFL and I scored touchdowns and I broke tackles and I broke and set records. I practiced with my teammates, got to play for Coach Coughlin, got drafted by the Giants. So at no point should anybody feel like this is over because in life everything has obstacles.”

Wilson explained that having a positive outlook on life and not focusing on negatives has helped him deal with the doctors’ extremely disappointing news.

“I always try to find the best in situations so when I knew I was going into that situation, I’m looking at the best side,” said Wilson, “No need to dwell on the negative side and dwell on the negative. You start to dwell on the negative and you start to feel sorrow. You don’t want to ever dwell on that moment because at that point, you’re not living.”

Wilson go emotional while discussing his feeling at the podium, but he insisted that it’s not going to take him long for him to get over the disappointment of having to leave the NFL.

“These are just tears of joy because as I speak, I realize how much people have helped me along the way,” said Wilson, “When you push the pause button, you get to look at that. But I plan on pushing ‘play’ real soon. Moving on in future endeavors, I’m excited.”

So just what is Wilson planning to do with his life now that he’s done playing professional football? We’ll have to stay tuned in to find out.

“As far as that goes, I guess you will just have to follow closely and see where I go from there.”

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