Williams models game after Adrian Peterson

New York Giants rookie running back Andre Williams made a strong first impression on Big Blue Nation during his first preseason game. Find out what Williams had to say about his performance and why he patterns himself after All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson.

The New York Giants saw some great things in their first preseason game this past Sunday night. One area that they were happy to see pay dividends in their 17-13 win over the Buffalo Bills was in their running game. Rookie running back Andre Williams was a big part of the Giants success in the running game. Williams ran for 48 yards on seven carries and scored a touchdown.

“It definitely makes you more confident,” said Williams of his performance in the Hall of Fame game. “They tell you that the game is going to be fast and you have to get used to things. Just stepping on the field on Sunday was great to know that I feel that I can play at this level.”

Williams was the Giants’ fourth round draft pick in this past year’s draft out of Boston College. After he had a stellar senior season, the Giants drafted Williams with the belief that he could help them improve their running game which has been terrible the past few seasons. Williams on what he can bring to the table for the Giants.

“ I think the Giants drafted me because they had the confidence in my ability to play at this level,” noted Williams. “I’m just going to embrace that and understand that I can play here. Just have to keep working to get better.”

A big, powerful and violent running back, Williams models his running style after his childhood hero, Minnesota Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson.

“I just pattern myself after Adrian Peterson,” admitted Big Blue’s rookie running back. “I like how violent he is as a runner. He gets to top speed when the ball is snapped and how he uses his hands and shoulders as weapons on the field. I really try to incorporate that in my game.”

After his stellar performance in the Hall of Fame game, the Giants are hopeful that Williams will continue to improve and get better throughout the season, especially now with running back David Wilson retiring due to a serious neck injury.

“David was a really dynamic running back,” stated Williams of his recently retired teammate. “He’s got a special ability in being able to start and stop and move at such a high speed. He’s going to be missed.”

As for now, Williams has put himself in the mix to become one of New York’s top two running backs for the coming season. If he can continue to build off his great performance in the Giants preseason game,Williams can be the missing piece to help the G-Men get back to the postseason.

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