Marcus Harris rising up Giants' depth chart

Marcus Harris is living his dream. After practicing with the ones on Wednesday, Harris’s hard work of getting out of the practice squad has finally paid off. But is his new position gain based on skill or just falling under the right circumstances?

New York Giants’ wide receiver Marcus Harris has been fighting his way up from the practice squad to the first-team offense ever since being signed back in December. The Murray State graduate knew that coming from a small school meant he would have to work even harder to play with the ones.

“I knew it was going to be a journey, just off my performance in practice, just giving it my all every play,” noted Harris. “But I still knew I had to earn it; it wasn’t just going to be given to me. After the OTAs, I got a good vibe from the coaches so I knew I had to come out here and work in camp”.

After getting his chance to start in Wednesday’s practice, he feels ready to take on the regular season and the kickoff return position; an area where he has past experience in.

“Kickoff return is what I really like,” admitted Harris. “In college, that’s what I really did. I’m just glad that they are giving me the opportunity to try kickoff returns this year. Hopefully during the game, I’ll get the opportunity to go back there deep”.

Timing definitely has a lot to do with Harris’s new starting position. With many of the Giants’ wide receivers, like Beckham Jr. or Rueben Randle, missing out on practice time due to injury, Harris has been given a window of opportunity to showcase his skills to the coaches and get himself out there.

Even after hurting his leg in Wednesday night’s practice, he knew he couldn’t be kept on the sidelines for long and had to get back to duty.

“I couldn’t stay down too long. There’s a lot of receivers out already so I had to get up and get back on the field,” Harris said.

After getting out there and lining up with his peers Victor Cruz and Randle during practice, this all looks to be a dream come true to Harris, who dreamed about making first-team reps.

“I dreamt about it every day, but I treated my practice squad reps like they were game reps so that hopefully one day I could get one-team reps like I did yesterday”.

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