JPP fully healthy, wants another Super Bowl

The Giants’ Jason Pierr-Paul is ready to get back to his 2011 self and get the team the team back to the Super Bowl.

Football is fun again for the once injured DE Jason Pierre-Paul, who had to fight to get back his strength to play this season. His 2013 season was a disappointment due to back surgery the previous year and a shoulder injury that put him on the injured reserved towards the end of the season.

JPP says he’s finally back and has been ready to get out there.

“I’m back now, so the only thing that can stop me is me from being a better player,” said the Giants’ defensive end. “I went out there with my teammates, running. I’m so happy I’m good”.

After a disappointing last season, JPP is working to be even better than his 2011-2012 production—a season that saw him produce 16.5 sacks. If he gets there, the Giants could be looking at another Super Bowl and record-breaking stats for the player.

"Yeah, maybe," said JPP of trying to eclipse his sack total from 2011. "Get another Super Bowl."

The starting defensive end still knows he has areas of improvement and things to work on before he gets to this season’s goals but seems hopeful after Saturday’s game.

“I’ve got a lot of improvement to do,” JPP said. “Otherwise I feel good. Running to the ball, I wasn’t tired…that was a long run for me so I wasn’t tired at all”.

As of now, don’t take JPP’s preseason playing too seriously. He’s decided to save up his tricks and strength for the games that actually count. A previous injury looming over his head must also affect how he’s playing it safe at this point.

“It’s all preseason. You have something to play for but you really don’t.,” admitted Pierre-Paul. “Guys are not trying to get hurt but the last thing when you’re on that football field, you don’t think about that…I know for a fact when it’s time to buckle down and get ready to play Detroit on Monday night, we’re going to be ready to go…I know for a fact that the defense is going to be ready to go in and we’re going to play to our best capabilities”.

Looks like we won’t know until the start of the regular season just how ready JPP will be able to deliver the promise of record-breaking results and a Super Bowl win. Hopefully reserving his strength and health right now will be enough to get the Giants there.

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