Ravens' Steve Smith is DRC's biggest rival

As the Giants prepare to face the Colts on Saturday, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie says this will be a true test as to how good the secondary is. New York's defensive back also talks about his fashion sense and who is number one rival in the league is.

According to Rodgers-Cromartie, the Giants’ secondary can be “real good” this season especially considering their leadership ability. The veteran defensive back has a heated rivalry with Ravens wideout Steve Smith and admits that the long-time superstar bring the best out of him.

Out of all the wide receivers in the league, no one gets his blood boiling like the Raven’s Steve Smith.

“He brings the competition. He is a guy that you know is going to give you 100 percent and I love going against him,” DRC said about the rivalry.

The former Denver Broncos also told reporters this week that Walt Thurmond III has been a good fit for the nickel spot by teaching the group and playing hard.

The key, DRC says, for a good secondary is communication.

“When a guy is supposed to be somewhere, knowing he is going to be there and playing to your leverage, so there is definitely a whole lot of talking and communication,” noted the Giants’ cornerback.

Until then, the secondary will have to wait to see just how well they are doing when the Giants face the Colts in their next preseason game.

“They definitely have some speed that can get down the field with T.Y. Hilton and Hakeem Nicks,” said Rogers-Cromartie of the Colts’ passing attack. “Nicks is a big play receiver that has big play abilities as far as going to the ball, and then you have a quarterback that can put it there. It definitely is going to be a test to see where we are, and where we can go.”

Don’t except DRC to be talking much trash before the game though, the CB seems to go by the motto of letting his actions speak louder than his words

“I am a very fashionable guy, I definitely like to look good on the field, but I don’t say too much,” Rogers-Cromartie admitted. “I just play the game.”

However, if any player does start to trash talk, he definitely won’t be as reserved and will let you know it. “

I am not just going to come out and say it. If you catch a ball,” noted New York’s defensive back. “I’m not with all that. I am already mad you caught it, so doing that is going to bring more out of me. It is easy to get me going, and when I get going, I’m going.”

With a testing game against the Colts coming up, it will be interesting to see just how ready the secondary is.

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