McAdoo on Giants offense: We're not there yet

If anyone knows better the struggles the Giants new offense is facing, it’s Ben McAdoo. Going into his first season as the Giants new Offensive Coordinator, he no doubt knew that there would be some bumps along the way. However, the new offense is looking more like hills to climb than bumps to get over this season.

Monday night’s game against Detroit will be a big one according to McAdoo, although the offense still isn’t all together just yet.

“We need to be 100 percent ready to go,” noted McAdoo. “We’re not there yet. We’re making strides. You’d like to say you’re taking two steps forward every day and one step back. At this point in time we took two steps forward last night, Practice, we had a good day out there and we have to keep making small strides.”

Something that the coach says the team needs to work on is gaining more speed and more rhythm, especially with Eli.

“We talked about seeing things for the first time and how we need to get on the same page moving forward…it is more timing issues,” noted the Giants new offensive coordinator . “We are on the same page on what we were going to do and when it was going to happen. That was the challenge and when you see certain looks for the first time, it’s going to be a challenge”.

Growing pains are a given when you bring in a new offense like this. For McAdoo though, the growing pains just mean a bigger reward in the end.

“I try to take everything day by day, as best I can,” McAdoo admitted. “I’m guessing if it was easy and smooth, everybody would be doing it”.

Through all of the changes though, the coach is trying his best to remain calm and patient for the players while installing.

“I try to stay calm. As calm as I can be,” the offensive guru said. “I think it helps the players and coaches around you. It helps you think clearly. I’m not someone who is patient by nature, that’s something that I have to work at”.

Until the team gets the new offense perfected, the players are just going to have to take a leap of faith with McAdoo and trust in him and each other.

“It’s our scheme. I said that from the beginning, and I’ll continue to say that,” stated McAdoo. “This isn’t about one man or one man’s offense. This is about the New York Giants offense growing and learning together. I look forward to the challenge”.

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