Manning brothers star in DIRECTV rap video

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning return to the rap game in “Fantasy Football Fantasy” Were the famous quarterback brothers able to top last season’s music video debut?

As if last year’s Manning rap video, “Football On Your Phone” wasn’t hilarious enough, Peyton and Eli returned to making commercial music videos this week with a new number that also is based on a DirecTV service.

To promote the satellite company’s new “Fantasy Channel,” the Manning brothers star in “Fantasy Football Fantasy,” a rap song about fantasy, football, and more fantasies.

Just what does that entail? How about Peyton Manning throwing you a football that turns out to be filled with nachos? Or an endzone that ends in a rainbow? Archie Manning in outer space? These are just a few of the fantasies that become a reality in the Mannings’ new video.

Besides the dynamic duo, other football players make cameos in the promo. New Jets running back Chris Johnson is on hand to give a fan an interesting haircut. New York legend “Broadway” Joe Namath also shows up to romantically cook stew with someone’s mother. Even Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh and Will Beatty show up alongside former Giant Chris Snee.

It’s a surprising cameo, for sure, but the three big men don’t do much but stand around.

It sure is fun watching Eli Manning goof off with his brother again, but considering how the younger brother’s season went after last year’s video, one can’t help but wish that DirecTV asked Tony Romo to star in this year’s commercial.

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