Manning still searching for offensive rhythm

The New York Giants new-look offense has been virtually non-existent so far this preseason, but that doesn't have quarterback Eli Manning worried the least bit.

August 12

The Giants eked out a win against the Steelers; a game that featured Eli Manning for four series (0 for 2). Manning refused to worry despite the lackluster performance.

“The first play we had sacks," noted the Giants QB. "The next series we had two penalties…It’s just a matter of bad situations right there. Besides that, we just didn’t have a whole lot of opportunities. We were going backwards a couple series.”

Rhythm as opposed to plays was his major concern.

“Don’t try to be perfect, just hit plays. For me, just try and get in a rhythm, moving the pocket, making plays, making good decisions, and just try to be able to get some first downs…get into a rhythm with this offense,” noted Manning on his mindset.

The two-time Super Bowl winner believes the team has “good players” and that they collectively need to trust Ben McAdoo’s system before seeing its results.

McAdoo, his staff and the players are still installing elements of the offense. Something Manning is optimistic will be “ready for opening night”.

As usual, he expects tweaks as the season progresses but stressed the need to fall into a rhythm ASAP and translate the hard work from practices into the games that really matter. Manning also discussed the fact that 10 years in, he is still learning and dealing with "good days" and "some days that aren't as good".

August 18th

Following another hapless outing against the Indianapolis Colts last Saturday night, Manning appeared to still be searching for answers.

“We’ve still go to perform better” says Eli Manning as the Giants prepare for their Friday preseason game against state-rivals, the New York Jets.

“I think we’ve got to start playing together and everybody doing their assignments. Just get in a great rhythm for the offense and what we need to do.”

While Manning claimed the overall team’s performance can improve, New York's gunslinger was the first to say that he botched independent connections with Victor Cruz and Jerrel Jernigan. “That was 100 percent on me”, admitted Manning of his miscommunication with Cruz and Jernigan.

The Giants' franchise signal-caller thinks the team is progressing well and blames any mishaps on “…not the system, it’s just the execution”.

He sees the Jets as good practice to tighten things on the offensive end and believes Coach Coughlin will “game plan a little bit more”. The Jets are “a good defense and a good team” and should provide a “good challenge” for Manning and his franchise.

The normally-reserved younger Manning brother is not too worried about preseason results as he believes “I don’t think we’ve ever been a great preseason team…” His firsthand experience with the team at practices have him convinced that they are “getting better” and that progress from practice will be exhibited come the regular season.

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