Simms Salsa TD dance not a jab at Victor Cruz

Matt Simms is buried on the New York Jets depth chart behind Geno Smith and Michael Vick, but his end zone dance is the talk of the Big Apple after imitating the touchdown celebration that Victor Cruz made famous with the Giants.

It’s not often that a player other that Victor Cruz is salsa dancing in the end zone at MetLife Stadium, but the Jets third string quarterback Matt Simms offered the capacity crowd his rendition of the Latin boogey on Friday night. Simms connected with wide receiver Greg Salas on a 11-yard touchdown pass to put the Jets up 24-21 with under 11:00 minutes remaining in the game and proceeded to get jiggy with it, but apparently his moves were still in preseason form.

“Not at all just having fun,” Simms responded when asked whether the celebration was mocking Cruz’s antics. “I actually worked out with Victor in the offseason. I know him personally. It wasn’t to take a jab at him or anything like that I was just having some fun with something that everything knows in this stadium.”

The Jets would eventually fall to the Giants 35-24, but Simms shining moment was something that he had been planning in advance.

To be honest with you I messed around them earlier this week and said If I throw a touchdown pass I might break out the salsa and they laughed at me,” Simms told reporters postgame. “And obviously I was serious.”

While Simms gave it his best shot, his repertoire paled in comparison to Cruz, but the Jets young gunslinger isn’t giving up on a potential dance career.

“I don’t know, maybe you should ask my father for that,” said Simms of making a potential appearance on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. “I need to kind of build up a little more of a rapport before I get invited to something like that.”

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