Eli Manning shows signs of life against Jets

QB Eli Manning may have gone into the preseason games with concerns for the Giants, but he won’t be ending the preseason that way. After their win against the Jets, the Giants are ready to take on their first regular season game against the Lions.

In the yearly fpreseason game betweem the New York football rivals, the Giants and Jets, the Giants were able to secure a win at Metlife Stadium Friday night by a final score of 35-24.

Right at the end of the first half, the Giants were able to get into a good rhythm that saw them making the plays needed. “…everything just worked instead of always having something go wrong or a penalty or a sack or something to back us up and keep us from sustaining drives,” explained Manning.

For Manning, that’s a sure sign of progress for the team but it still may not be enough to get consistent wins in the regular season.

“It is definitely a sign of progress,” noted Manning. “There are still too many mistakes and too many times we are having a penalty or a sack or something that just keeps us instead of going forward”.

After the game, Manning was better able to understand just exactly what he needed to work on before the first regular season game.

“I have to do a better job of moving around the pocket and finding windows and finding lanes,” Manning said about the pass protection. “I thought we were close on a couple throws early on, just couldn’t quite convert on the first third down to Jernigan on the right side where I had to roll out and the deep one to Rueben. I wish I could’ve stepped into that a little better.”

However, even with his weakness in mind, Manning is still not that concerned and is hopeful for the first regular game. “No, not concerned at this point. It is not where it needs to be, but I thought there was progress in today’s game. It’ll be better and better as things go on and hopefully it will be better next week and better for that first opening game”.

Manning isn’t complaining about the Giants’ running game either. After Jennings broke for almost 20 yards, No. 10 seems to think the running game was finally able to get going to where it needs to be at this point.

“We had a nice couple runs where we were getting five to six yards a pop. If you can do that, you will get good down and distance, so it is going to help us out,” said Eli.

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