Andre Williams making waves in the preseason

It's not often that a rookie steps in from day 1 and makes an immediate impact, but that's exactly what New York Giants rookie running back Andre Williams has done this preseason.

Winning always makes things easier.

After the Giants offense exploded in the second half for a 35-24 win over the rival Jets, Andre Williams simply shrugged off the past week — one that saw him drawn into a war of words with Rex Ryan over who New York’s real team was (again) — as a learning experience.

Did it feel good to cap the week with the go-ahead touchdown?

“It always feels good to cap the week off with a win.”

Was it satisfying to back up the talk from this week?

“The goal of every game is to win the game.”

Williams, who ran for 49 yards on 11 carries, seemed to take the entire thing in stride — he’s not at Boston College anymore, after all — and doesn't seem too eager to go down that road again

“Yeah, I was pretty surprised at how that turned out,” Williams said after the game. “But that is the nature of things. I just have to watch out and be quiet some times, I guess.”

Williams said that he and Ryan shook hands and made nice after the game, and was much more eager to talk about a Giants team that seems, however fitfully, to be coming together. “The game was about getting better as an offense and coming together as an offense,” Williams said. “Winning the game was the goal. It really wasn’t about any of that stuff that was going on earlier in the week.”

For the fourth game in a row, the Giants accomplished that goal — and maybe gained a little confidence in Ben McAdoo’s new offense along the way after a downright ugly start to the preseason. New York’s first team offense finally put together an impressive drive, with Eli Manning orchestrating the two-minute drill to perfection, and reserves like Williams and Corey Washington continue to impress.

“It always gives you confidence as an offense when you are able to convert the third downs and have success putting points on the board,” Williams said.

The Jets have some really powerful offensive weapons and it was a challenge to keep up with them. We put it together in the end.”

With some rhythm finally established, Giants fans finally caught a glimpse of how McAdoo’s scheme would be effective — Manning and, in the second half, Ryan Nassib both quickened the tempo and caught the Jets off-guard, leading to yards and points.

“We were stressing the defense with the rally tempo,” Williams said. “They weren’t able to line up in their fronts as quickly and we took advantage of that.”

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