Jennings proving to be a student of the game

Giants RB Rashad Jennings thinks the team’s running game is ready for the regular season. After gaining yards and getting their rhythm together during the preseason game against the Jets, the outlook for the Giants running game looks promising. Jennings however still knows not to get too comfortable and to continuously work on his skills and review the game tapes.

At this point, the Giants running game looks to be in good shape, especially after their last win against the Jets. For RB Rashad Jennings, he’s impressed with their skills but knows there is always something to work on and get better at.

“I think were able to get in a little bit of a rhythm. We were productive. We left yards out there. Putting on the tape, there’s things we could hang our hat on we did well. There are things we need to correct and clean up…go through our corrections, continue to build. I’m excited where we’re at and have a lot to look up to,” he said.

Consistency is something the Giants will definitely look to work on. After some pre-snap penalties, the Giants were their own worst enemy in the last game.

“We need to take care of our business and not shoot ourselves in the foot," stated the Giants' RB. "Making sure everyone is on the same page, no pre-snap penalties. That always ruins the drive,” said Jennings. “I think if we can eliminate pre-snap penalties and make sure everyone has the same idea, and playing on the same accord, that gives us a chance to continue to sustain drives”.

During the previous preseason game against the Jets, Jennings stood out on the two-minute drive where it looked less like he was reading the defense but actually instinctively coming across the pocket. A skill he says comes from being a constant student of the game.

“Being a student of the game is something every player has to go through," saidd Jenninngs. "Studying tapes and understanding the overall picture of the protection, understanding the overall picture of routes and where you fit in the triangle of it…as far as coming across and going backside, that’s just part of playing football and it comes from repetition.”

With other players struggling to hone in on their instinctive skills, Jennings offered advice on what they need to focus on and the importance of studying the film.

“If you study defense a lot, defense works in streams," noted Jennings. "You understand if you’re in the quick game, down and distance, where you are on the field, defensive tendencies, all of that accumulates. You have cues to make you aware of the potential blitz. Like I said, a lot of film study, a lot of repetition, and understanding the game”.

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