Washington following in footsteps of Cruz

Rookie WR Washington looks to be following in the footsteps of star WR Cruz. With both coming from the same kind of background, it will be interesting to see if Washington will have just as a successful rookie year as Cruz did. Also, Cruz says the new offense is getting down the playbook and is finally becoming more reactive.

Rookie wide receiver Corey Washington is drawing a lot of comparisons to Victor Cruz. Both players started with the Giants as undrafted small-college standouts. Cruz impressed the team during his rookie preseason and Washington looks to be delivering the same results.

In last Friday’s game against the Jets, Washington showed glimpses of a promising rookie season when he obtained a touchdown reception for a fourth-straight game. With his height of 6-foot-4, Washington has shown the ability to get the ball over the defenders. If Washington continues to play at this level, he could reach Cruz’s level of a star wide receiver by the end of this season.

On Tuesday however, Cruz and fellow Giants experienced not one of the best days for the team; cut down day. For Cruz, although he said its always sad to lose friendships, he knows its part of the business and hopes those let go get jobs elsewhere.

With the last preseason game coming up, Cruz says the offense needs to work more on continuity.

“Continue to build on some of the things that we did last week and be able to put things together more,” he said. “Build off that last drive that we had in the second quarter in the two-minute drill and build off that a little bit. Hopefully we can get that done and look more fluid”.

The good news is though, Cruz and the offense are looking like they are getting the new plays down and should be ready for week one. “I think the playbook is starting to feel a little bit more second-nature to myself and some of the other receivers,” said Cruz. “You can see it kind of unfolding a little bit and we’re just reacting out there now as opposed to doing a lot of thinking”.

Cruz is hopeful for the offense and says he’s feeling confident about the players being on the same page but knows everything won’t get perfected overnight.

“If we play on the same accord offensively and defensively, we can do some special things this year,” offered Cruz. “I believe that, but we have to do it one day at a time, one game at a time, one practice at a time in order to achieve those short term and long term goals”.

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