NFL Cut Line Day approaches for G-Men

Players like rookie wide receiver Corey Washington and veteran wide out Mario Manningham are still on the bubble to make the team and with one game left play in the preseason. All players on the bubble have one last shot to prove to the Giants coaching staff that they belong on the 53 man roster.

The last preseason game is only a day away for the New York Giants and every NFL team. After Thursday, every NFL team will have unill 4 pm on Saturday to get their 53 man roster set up for the 2014 season. The Giants like all other NFL franchises will have some tough decisions to make on who the 53 player will be on their roster.

Many players on their current 75 man roster have made some big plays, that have helped the Giants win their first four preseason games. The most notable name of those players is wide receiver Corey Washington, who has four touchdown catches this preseason. Three of those touchdown catches have been game winners, showing that Washington definitely has big play making ability.

Other players include veteran wide out Mario Manningham, who even with his outstanding play in the past including his memorable sideline catch in the Super Bowl, yet he is still not a lock to make the team. Giants head coach Tom Coughlin spoke on Tuesday about Manningham situation about making the team.

“He has had some spurts the last couple weeks where he has done some real good things on the practice field," noted Coughlin. "It hasn’t carried over to the game field yet. He will have another chance.”

The Giants have actually already made some hard decisions on cuts this week, when they trimmed their roster down to 75 players. Defensive back Charles James II was one of the players cut earlier this week by Big Blue, which was shocking to a lot of NFL personnel including Giants safety Antrel Rolle, who voiced his opinion on James cut on twitter.

“Charles obviously was a guy that did a good job this fall in the gunner position, but needed some improvement in some other areas that we thought were going to be a little more productive,” noted the Giants coach.

As for the 75 players on the roster right now, they should all know what’s on task said Coughlin, who said on the matter “Any of the guys that are left know that it goes from 75 to 53. You are ending up in a numbers game and it is competitive.”

Besides NFL cut deadline, the other big issue going on with the Giants is their offense. So far this preseason, the Giants offensive under new offensive coordinator Be McAdoo has not performed as well as expected. Besides last weeks two minute drive at the end of the first half, the Giants starting offense has looked terrible and most importantly quarterback Eli Manning, looks as bad as he did last season.

“For everybody. Everything you do is about being productive," noted Coughlin. "It is about improvement. That is what these games are for.” The Giants hopefully can build off their touchdown drive at the end of the 1st half last week and head into the season on more positive note. That is what Coughlin hopes happens in last preseason game against the New England Patriots, saying on this game “I certainly hope so. That is what we are here for. I am excited about the opportunity and the fact that it is upon us. It is just about here.”

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