No Surgery for Schwartz, out a few weeks

It's not a common injury in the NFL, but New York Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz suffered a dislocated toe during Thursday's win over the New England Patriots. Big Blue is hoping to get it's quarterback protector back in a few weeks.

The Giants spent big this offseason, hoping to put a stagnant 2013 in the rearview quickly, but it looks like their injury luck has infected even the newcomers.

After Chris Snee and David Baas went down early last season, derailing New York’s front from the start, key free agent signing Geoff Schwartz will be sidelined for a few weeks with a dislocated toe he suffered against the Jets — a devastating setback for a normally reliable player.

“I have never really had an in-game injury before,” Schwartz said Friday. “It is definitely a disappointment. I will be back, hopefully soon enough.”

Schwartz was injured on a play that looked innocent enough, pass blocking against a bull rush. But he planted his foot to anchor himself, and he knew immediately that something was wrong.

“It popped out and I knew what happened right away,” Schwartz said. “I tried to get off the field and decided it was best to probably just take a knee. Never happened before. I wish there was some other cooler way that it could have happened.”

Schwartz quickly shot down the possibility of surgery; it’s simply a dislocation, not a tear or anything that needs to be rebuilt. Because of that, though, any possible timeline for a return is hazy — rehab is the only option, and that can vary depending upon the individual.

“You know with certain foot injuries or ankle injuries, there is a timetable,” Schwartz said. “This [injury] is unique because there is no surgery so we will just have to see how it goes. Any rehab is hard to do. They all take their own course.”

Most estimates seem to peg Schwartz’s return at around six to eight weeks, but that doesn’t include practice time for him to get back up to speed. The 340-pounder hasn’t been able to put any weight on the foot, and all he and the Giants can do is play the waiting game.

“It is just a matter of going through whatever rehab they want me to do, and I will go from there,” Schwartz said. “With any injury, once they clear you, you still need time to practice. Especially the toes, and with big guys, you just have to see how the rehab goes.”

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