Fans need to remain patient with Eli Manning

He's delivered two Lombardi Trophies to the franchise, but fans are getting restless with Eli Manning and his troubles executing the new-look West Coast Offense.

As the G-Men have attempted to revamp an offense that came across as stale and plodding over the past few seasons, the Giants moved on from Kevin Gilbride "Kill-Drive" to the high powered, quick decision based West Coast offense.

This version of the West Coast Offense comes from an organization that has been the gold standard in terms of offense efficiency, as new Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo hails from the Packers organization, one that has become a force amongst offenses in the NFL. Working with Aaron Rodgers, arguably the best quarterback of our generation, McAdoo has been an integral part of an offense that has struck fear in defenses around the NFL.

How you may ask?

From quick decisions and gaining yards after the catch. The West Coast offense is essentially using the passing as the ground game. As Randell Cobb became the star of the West Coast Offense, Victor Cruz looks to play the part here in New York.

Both players skill sets are extremely similar, as they both live off yards after the catch and live in the slot. This speaks volumes for fantasy football owners as well whom have interest in the former All-Pro. With Cruz looking to comfortably fill in Cobb's shoes, look for the former LSU Tiger, Rueben Randle to breakout as well. Randle is the team's biggest receiver as well as touchdown threat, and is a candidate to fill the Jordy Nelson role. Yes, on paper, the offense looks extremely enticing, but why hasn't it clicked?

When Eli Manning was asked how the offense is looking heading into week one he was candid with reporters.

"It’s a work in progress," noted Manning. "It’s not the final product right now. It’s going to be, the more games, the more plays we get, the more practice… there’s definitely room for improvement and that will be a season-long situation, which is, I think, normal. That’s not a bad thing. I think we have to know what we do well and where we need to make our improvements and be dedicated to being harsh on ourselves to make those improvements."

Giant fans have to remember that Manning is a guy that has played within one offense in his entire ten year career. It's a lot to ask a guy to start from scratch and look like himself after only one off-season to adjust. The offense will work, but it will take time.

This is a new experience for Manning and fans have to remember that. When asked if he was ready to game plan for week one, No. 10 sounded a bit anxious to do so with someone other than Kevin Gilbride.

I’m curious about the whole process with talking to him, getting his thoughts on the week, on what we want to try to do… what plays we like and what we’re thinking, what we’re going to try to do and just seeing how the week goes from third downs to green zone," said Manning of working alongside McAdoo. "I think I have a decent idea about it with training camp and everything going by but it will be interesting to see how things will flow this week."

It sounds like Manning is just as clueless as fans right now regarding the Giants' future success this season. I tend to believe that No. 10 is a very bright individual and can make this offense work. However, it will take time, and fans have to remain patient. New York's gunslinger has given you fans two Super Bowls in the past, and the what have you done for me lately mentality will get you nowhere fast.

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