Coughlin 'tired' of QB-WR miscommunication

The Giants were able to end the preseason on a good note after Thursday night’s win against New England. Though the team won every preseason game, head coach, Coughlin, knows they still have things to work on before the regular season starts up

After the 16-13 win over the Patriots in the preseason finale, the Giants were able to improve to 5-0 in the exhibition period. From the looks of it, the team seems like they are ready to take on the regular season in their first game against Detroit.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin however, isn’t getting too boastful about the team just yet and knows they still need to continue to work at getting more wins in the regular season.

“We did win some games and that’s a good thing.,” noted Coughlin. “We do have a lot of work to do – there’s no question about that. There were a lot of bright spots, and some things that we definitely need to improve upon.”

The biggest disappointment from last night’s game for the head coach was the misconnection between QB Manning and WR Randle, one of the things the coach knows the team needs to work on.

“’I thought, he thought’ – one of those kinds of things,” the coach explained of the bad play. “We’re all – everyone in this room – is tired of hearing that stuff. There’s no place for that”.

Coughlin talked about his reasoning on taking out the starters beyond two series and how they were stuttering to make those plays.

“If they wanted to play more, they should’ve made some first downs and stayed out there. We played two series and I think it was at eight or nine plays, and we were trying to get twelve to fifteen. They didn’t come out. Those interior guys stayed in there for quite some time”.

Even with the work the coach sees the team still needs, he feels that they are confident to go into the regular season.

“We ran the ball decently,” noted Coughlin. “We had a couple runs. You have to have confidence. We’ve had preseasons before where we haven’t had a lot of numbers with our first group, our first offense, for sure. Hopefully we can carry over”.

In the end though, Coughlin feels the Giants played at good preseason.

“Nice way to wrap up preseason,” admitted Coughlin. “A lot of people had a chance to play a lot of football so we’re going to have some interesting discussions about some people moving forward tomorrow morning…But we battled hard. We played hard”.

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