Cruz on season opener: It's a must-win game

Giants veteran Victor Cruz knows a thing or two about how important wins especially to start off the year. For Cruz, the first regular season game against the Lions on Monday must be a win. This will start the Giants out on the right foot according to the seasoned wide receiver.

On Monday the Giants take on Detroit in their first regular season game. According to WR Victor Cruz, this is a “must win” game for the team.

“You want to go out there and start your season on the right foot and start the season on a positive note,” Cruz said. “The first one is definitely a must-win and all of them are. We want to go in with that mind-set that this game is one we have to have and move forward from there”.

Cruz no doubt still has last seasons embarrassing stats in mind. After not getting a win until the seventh game in the regular season, 2013 started off on the wrong foot for the Giants and wasn’t able to improve much afterwards.

The Giants need this win to raise their morale after all the struggles they faced and worked through in the preseason. McAdoo’s new offense, new players, and injuries all added to the battles the team had to get through to win each preseason game.

The heat is on Eli Manning after enduring his worst season last year with 27 interceptions, he needs to be the backbone of the Giants and get them on the positive note to start out on. If Manning plays like he did last year, the Giants will struggle even more for a win since they are facing more vulnerability then ever.

The Giants need to make sure they know their weaknesses and protect the line of scrimmage on offense and defense. Detroit knows that the team is facing challenges and will be ready to prey upon them to their advantage.

Going into the Monday night game, the Lions are already fired up since the Giants ruined their chances last season of getting into the playoffs with a 23-20 win.

This win is extremely important for the Giants, they need this to prove to themselves and the fans that all the changes to the team were worth it. Since last season started on a bad note, another bad start to this season will just put the Giants deeper in a losing streak.

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