Beason amped up and ready to go for opener

Jon Beason sat out the entire preseason to recover from a leg injury he sustained during minicamp. Keep it here on the Giants Beat, to hear how Beason is feeling physically and mentally heading into Monday night's game against the Lions and if he can still be the same impact player he was for the Giants last season.

The New York Giants open up the regular season in a few days on Monday Night Football against the Detroit Lions. After finishing the preseason with a 5-0 record, the Giants are hoping for the same success in the regular season and for that to hopefully lead them to a playoff berth. Another positive for the Giants going into the kkrdan, is the return of middle linebacker Jon Beason to the lineup. Beason, who missed the entire preseason to recover from a leg injury that he sustained during mini-camp, is ready to get back on the field and be the leader of the Giants defense.

“I feel pretty good. Just happy to be back out there. Working for one common goal with my teammates. Doing what I love. It feels good to get my feet wet again”, said Beason about returning to the practice field for Tuesday’s practice.

Beason a 8 year veteran out of the University of Miami, was a huge part to the Giants defensive success in the second half of the season last year. After acquiring Beason in a trade from the Carolina Panthers in week 6 of the season last year, the Giants went 7-4 and Beason helped give the G-Men some stability at the middle linebacker spot. Beason great play for the Giants, earned him a multi year contract from Big Blue in the offseason and has made him the leader of the Giants defense.

On sitting out the whole preseason and not being able to do his part as the leader of the defense on the field, Beason said “For me, I always appreciate the grind. I think the hard work, the tough days and the hot days of putting in that work, you expect the result. That is what I miss the most being on the sideline. It is hard to lead. To me, a leader is a guy who is consistent. You can’t lead if you are not in the fire with guys.”

Beason though now will be able to be the leader of the Giants defense and get back to playing on the field. On how he feels mentally and physically going into Monday nights game against the Lions, Beason said “I feel good. A year removed in the system. I prepare, in terms of watching film, pre-snap stuff. I feel like I have a good grasp of the defense. It is just going out there and getting those reps. Those are completely invaluable. Those, you have to have. There is always going to be some type of curve there based on missing those dress rehearsals and that is why we have them.”

Besides coming back from injury, Beason has still prove that he can impact player in the NFL. After tearing his achilles tendon during the 2011 season, Beason was not same player he was afterwards for the Panthers and the verdict is still out of him especially not after his leg injury in mini-camp, that he can be the same impact player he was for the Giants last season. Beason on if he can still be an impact player for the Giants this season or for starters on Monday night said “I think so. When you want to go out, you want to play at the highest level. I feel good about where I should be on [September 8].”

If Beason can prove Monday night that he is fully recovered from his injury and that last season was not a fluke, the Giants will have a great leader in the middle of their defense and someone that can help lead their defense to a playoff birth.

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