Thurmond brings swagger to Giants' secondary

With the New York Giants season opener almost here, cornerback Walter Thurmond talks about his secondary and how this game will prove how prepared the team is for the rest of the season. He also talks about the secondary’s biggest threat; Megatron and what they expect from the Lions new offensive coach coming from New Orleans.

Monday night’s game against Detroit will be a good way to test the Giants secondary’s abilities going into the regular season. Their biggest threat is wide receiver Calvin Johnson (aka Megatron).

Giants cornerback Walter Thurmond III, knows the secondary needs to be playing above par if they want any chance of winning. With the versatility of the Lions wide receiver corps, the Giants need to be ready with plays that can handle the different mix of players.

“Everyone compliments each other,” Thurmond said about the Lions WRs. “It’s going to be a situation where we have to study film and pay attention to our keys and just go out there and play confident football”.

Not only does the threat of Megatron and the Lions WRs hinder a win for the Giants, but also the Lions new offensive coordinate from New Orleans, Joe Lombardi, could put a stop to a win.

Since the Giants don’t have much background on the coach working with Detroit, the Giants must rely on what the coach did during his time with New Orleans and how Detroit played Johnson in the past.

"They really utilized him in the slot,” Thurmond said about Johnson. “They really moved him around to get different matchups, different route combinations that they like, that’s going to better fit them. The offensive coordinator is coming from New Orleans, so we watched a lot of that tape as well to see his style, how he calls his plays and everything. It’s going to be an interesting situation”.

Thurmond however, doesn’t view Megatron and the offense as a treat, but instead a way for the Giants to prove they have the best secondary.

“You always want to go against the best competition out there,” noted Thurmond. “You want to go against teams that have the most depth, who have great receivers out there, because it really shows where we are as a defensive back group. We’re really confident in our room and our ability and what we’re capable of doing. We just have to take one day at a time, just really get better and progress ourselves each day”.

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