Fassel steams as Jets handle Giants once again

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - Apparently, the Jets take this braggin' rights deal much more seriously than their Giants Stadium counterparts. For the sixth consecutive time, Gang Green topped Big Blue in the Big Apple August Classic, this time taking a 17-14 decision.

I'm not happy with the way we are playing football right now - at all, in any phase of anything," Head Coach Jim Fassel said. "We are going to change some things, pick some things up. And I'm going to put pressure on a whole bunch of people around this organization. And I'm talking about coaches and players.

That's a sloppy game, in my opinion, that we played. Very sloppy "They could have beaten us by a lot more. And I'm not happy with anything." Fassel was least happy with the play of RT Luke Petitgout, whom the coach singled out for a tongue-lashing in front of the entire squad after the game.

Petitgout, who was being dominated by Jets RDE John Abraham, was flagged twice in the first half - first for holding, then for illegal use of hands.

"Those two penalties on Luke really bothered me," Fassel said.

Teammates were surprised that Fassel picked on Petitgout when mostly the entire team played poorly.

"That was something," one player said. "He really ripped Luke a new one."

But Fassel was displeased with the entire squad. "I'll get their attention," he said. "You bet your [butt]."

Also upsetting New York's leader were the special teams coverage units, which Fassel labeled "terrible." Fassel admitted after the game that the only positive to emerge was that the "game's over."

"We'll come back," he continued, "but I'm going to tell you what I told them. I'm not going to wait till we lose one game, two games in the regular season before there's going to be some changes."

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