Jameel McClain shines in Giants Week 3 win

With starting middle linebacker Jon Beason sidelined for this past Sunday's game against the Houston Texans, veteran Jameel McClain held down the fort in the middle of the Giants' defense and totaled a team-high 11 tackles en route to a 30-17 victory.

Jameel McClain was quick to hail Giants fans for making their presence felt and supporting their team in spite of the slow start.

“Trust me, the 12th man is important in football, noted McClain.” “These are some amazing fans.”

The Giants linebacker didn’t stop there and thanked the team’s supporters.

"It is our job to make sure that they are in the game, so that they are as in tune with us, noted McClain. "The fired-up-ness is just a reaction to them. That is my response and our response of telling them we appreciate them.”

McClain was equally impressed by his teammates.

“You look at the turnovers that we got and those are our great plays,” admitted the veteran linebacker.

McClain singled out the back line of the defense as well.

“Obviously the DBs did an amazing job of holding them down so [the defensive line] could get [to the quarterback]. It is just an accumulation of everybody sticking to the plan and doing exactly what they are supposed to do.”

The former Orangeman didn’t attribute the team’s victory over the Texans to anything special when he said “The game plan is always good. In my opinion the game plan is always great. What went well and what went exceptional was the fact that everyone stuck to it. Everyone was where they were supposed to be. It made the game plan seem even better. It was 11 guys out there doing their job and sticking to their job.”

He reiterated this sentiment when discussing Big Blue’s success at stopping the Texans’ potent ground threat.

“We stuck to the assignments," stated McClain. "We stuck to the basics. We just played fundamental football and did exactly what we were supposed to do. That’s the only way to stop the run. There is no grand scheme… Because these running backs are good enough to find it. Blessed for us, fortunate for us, we stayed where we were supposed to stay. Jacquian [Williams] did a great job. The d-line did a great job. Everybody stuck to their basics.”

Given the fact that everyone was where they were supposed to be for most of the time, the defensive star was quick to thank his coaches. “I'm a firm believer in [Defensive coordinator] Perry [Fewell] and the coaches and everything that they do," noted McClain. "We just have to stick to our plan and we will get it done.”

Of course, getting it done in the NFL means a week in-week out grind that requires focus” and where every game is the most important game. McClain was quick to point this out.

“It is great to get a win, but the weight is always on you in the NFL. Whether you are 3-0, 0-3, 1-2, whatever it is, this is the NFL and everybody wants to beat you.”

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