McAdoo cautiously optimistic on Giant offense

The New York Giants offense finally came to life in Week 3 against the Houston Texans, but offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo isn't doing jumping jacks this week as his team faces a tall order opposing a stout Washington Redskins team Thursday night.

The way the Giants offense performed against Houston got just about everyone raving, from fans to media to players. Everyone, that is, except the guy who built it, offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo.

“We made some progress on Sunday,” McAdoo said Tuesday, unwilling to join in the celebration after his team showed improvement for the second straight week. “We didn’t find a cure for cancer, we have a long way to go, but it was nice.”

Whether McAdoo will admit it or not, his offense has looked exponentially better the last two weeks than it did through the entire summer, when even the basics were an issue. Much has been made of the timing necessary for the passing game to work, of everything running on schedule, and it finally seems as though Manning and his receivers are hitting their beats.

“It is hard to dance with someone if you’re both listening to a different song,” McAdoo said. “We try to get the primary receivers on the same page with his feet. If you can do that, you have a chance, no matter what the defense does, to complete the football.”

Of course, that becomes much easier to do when the running game is ripping off chunks of yardage at a time, as Rashad Jennings was against the Texans. Jennings ran remarkably hard, churning out two or three more yards than what was blocked on seemingly every snap, but McAdoo says the team has discussed easing his workload on a short week after a 34-carry game.

“A lot of good backs get what is blocked for them,” he said. “The special backs, they get the yards after contact and that is what you saw on Sunday. [But] it is a short week, we came off of a very physical game the other day and Thursday is a divisional game. We have to have an all hands on deck approach.”

That mentality holds doubly true against the Redskins, who boast a stout front seven that has stuffed the run all year long. Washington’s secondary is banged up, creating a potential weakness, but McAdoo insists the team isn’t conceding anything.

“You’d like to think you can show up and run the ball every week,” he said. “It is going to be a great challenge this week; I think they are better than good against the run. They have a very good front five and they are deep there. They play with some different guys, and they are strong and they have a good scheme, well-coached, so it is going to be a challenge this week.”

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