Pierre-Paul says Eagles could easily be 0-4

Jason Pierre-Paul has always been candid with reporters and with a colossal matchup with the Eagles looming on Sunday night, the defensive end couldn't help but take a parting shot at the squad from the City of Brotherly Love.

Clearly there is no love lost between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles and now Jason Pierre-Paul becomes the latest player to take a not-so subtle jab at the Bird Gang that resides down I-95.

“The Eagles, yeah, they’re 4-1, but just watching their games, you see they could have easily been 0-4,” Pierre-Paul said. “But at the end of the day, they won those four games, so we’ve got to go out and fight. Their games were close. I think we should be able to go out there and make it a close game.

While the defensive end’s math doesn’t add up, his point is not completely off- base as the Eagles were forced to fight their way back in three of their four victories this season. Chip Kelly’s much-hyped offense has been somewhat tepid the past few weeks as the special teams and defensive units have produced a staggering seven touchdowns through Week 6.

This time last year the Giants were 0-5—well on their way to a notoriously disastrous 0-6 start—but this year there is a different vibe around the locker room. Pierre-Paul and company aren’t downplaying the importance of this mid-season divisional showdown, in fact, they’re embracing it.

“It’s a big game because it’s in the division, but it’s even bigger because it’s right out our back door,” Pierre-Paul said. “We’re on a bus, driving there. But at the end of the day, we don’t like them and they don’t like us.”

The Eagles, not the Giants were the preseason favorite to win the division, but Big Blue has been closing ground fast. Ben McAdoo’s West Coast Offense is flying high as it has hung up at least 30 points on the scoreboard each of the past three weeks. Pierre-Paul isn’t backing down from the prediction he made back in early September when he proclaimed the Giants will win the NFC East. As a battle gets set to unfold under the bright lights of Sunday night football, it’s clear that there’s more than bragging rights on the line for Big Blue.

"Yeah, we can. And I said that," he said. "This team can win the NFC East. But we got to come together. So far we've been coming together and we've been winning games, but we can't let that go over our head."

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