Coughlin: Cruz will bounce back from injury

Tom Coughlin has been a rock of stability during his ten year head coaching tenure with the New York Giants, but even he was visibly shaken after Victor Cruz suffered a devastating season-ending knee injury Sunday night.

“Where is the consistency?” Giants coach Tom Coughlin minced few words when he said “Anything that happened yesterday was brought on by us… the numbers are decidedly so.” as he faced the press following his team’s embarrassing 27-0 loss to divisional foes, the Philadelphia Eagles. Coughlin, coaching his 19th season, was in no mood to solicit sympathy or dwell on the loss, saying “There is no time for feeling sorry for ourselves or anything of that nature… The idea is to rise up, we have been knocked down before, this hurts, there is no question about it.”

Coughlin feels “very badly” for the injured Victor Cruz and Trumaine McBride and recognized the players’ “impact” and “importance”, saying about the former “Victor Cruz is a very, very positive and popular young man who has meant an awful lot to this franchise. Just by virtue of his work ethic and the fact that he is a Pro Bowl playmaker.” And although losing your number 1 receiving threat hurts, the two time Super Bowl winner was quick to point out the team’s needs as continued with “it is another test for the team. I was going to say the offensive side of the ball, but really for our team. Leaders have to continue to come forward and this is an opportunity for someone else to get themselves into a position of leadership on this team, to be respected as Victor Cruz always has been by his teammates. There we go, you can’t lament too long, we don’t have time.”

The Giants coach did not speak to Cruz after the game, noting “He was not in the position to listen to anybody last night, but that is the only time.” And believes that Cruz “is going to have to go through a lot to get back to where he was. He has been challenged his whole life, I don’t see him backing down from any challenge whatsoever.”

Given the battle currently taking place in the NFC East, the Giants have no choice but to keep moving forward. For which, they will need to (quickly) find a ball-handling substitute which Coughlin addressed with “We will start with the ingredients that we have, whether it be our practice squad, and the outside, I am sure all of that research will be done, and it will have to be done real quick.”

A quick turnaround is Coughlin’s current M.O. as he reiterated this point in discussing this week’s game against the in-form Cowboys, saying “I am excited about this opportunity to prepare for Dallas. I would think that because of the significance of this Cowboy team and their win yesterday, our guys are going to have to get over this thing yesterday fast.”


Victor Cruz underwent successful surgery to repair his torn patellar tendon in his right knee. The surgery was conducted by team physician, Dr. Russell Warren, at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

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