Pierre-Paul:'Simple mistakes' haunting Giants

The Giants go limping into their bye week at 3-4 and according to defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul they have no one to blame but themselves.

Another week, another loss to another divisional rival; this time to the suddenly-real Dallas Cowboys. The Giants are now 3-4, something that doesn’t worry Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul who said “I know it is going to be a fight, but with the guys we have here I know we can get it done.”

He prescribed the loss to “Simple mistakes. It all comes down to us doing our jobs. We all can’t do everyone else’s jobs. As an individual you have to do your job and only your job. You can’t jump out of your gap.” JPP elaborated by saying “[We] have to trust one another and we will get it done. That is the thing we have been lacking. People are trying to do other people’s jobs. I think we will be fine. We will get those mistakes out of there and we have to trust each other and come back as a solid defense.”

The Super Bowl winner’s analysis of Sunday’s game was somewhat contradictory as he said “We basically let them win. We made mistakes. It cost us big time. They were the more physical team yesterday. We have to come in here and get our minds right and there is a lot more football in the second half to play.” His subtle support of his coaches and the game plan was evident as he reiterated the cause of loss when he said “We were misplaced in our gaps and assignments. Like I said you have to do your job and only your job.”

The Giants are heading into their bye week, something the 2011 All-Pro Star thinks the team needs as a way to refocus, saying “As far as the team we know what we can do if we all get on the same path. We spoke to some guys and said do whatever you have to do on your bye week and get away from football. Just focus on something else, but when we come back it is time to turn it on.”

The 1st rounder picked by the Giants in the 2010 Draft knows the season’s a marathon and said “I think the bye is good. Get away from it, regroup and we have nine more games to play. Let’s win all nine games. I think we can do it. We just have to believe.” Believing is one thing; winning is another, though and weeks (as well as NFC East games) are running out.

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