Ahmad Bradshaw returns to old stomping ground

Ahmad Bradshaw enjoyed some of the best years of his career with the New York Giants and now he will return to MetLife Stadium in Week 9 and face his former team. Mathias Kiwanuka is all to familiar with Bradshaw's knack for the big play and has his own plan for trying to stop the shifty ball carrier.

As the two former teammates square off this Sunday, veteran hybrid defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka squares off against his good friend and former teammate, Ahmad Bradshaw is currently finding new life with the Colts after facing a mirage of injury problems in New York. With the Colts just last season, Bradshaw struggled to stay on the field, competing in only 3 contests before his continuous ankle problems forced him out. This year Bradshaw has reincarnated, showing signs of young legs, posting a season that is looking better than any season he had in New York. Bradshaw has became not only an integral part of the team’s rushing attack, but as a weapon at receiver as well. Catching the ball out of the backfield for the Colts has added real value to his game. Eight games into the season, Bradshaw is already at 31 receptions with 265 yards, and 6 receiving touchdowns. Before this season, Bradshaw only had a total of three receiving touchdowns in his career. With eight total touchdowns on the season, he is closing in on his career high at a ripe 28 years old.

So how do the Giants expect to tackle the former fan favorite, especially in a breakout season? When Kiwanuka was asked how to attack Bradshaw, he spoke about how to handle the waterbug running back.

“I know how to approach it, too. You’ve got to keep your eyes on him until the very last second because he will move, he will shift," noted Kiwanuka. "Don’t watch his head because that will get you in trouble. You’ve got to stay low and once you get his legs, you have to drive yours because he’s got power below. Yeah, he’s a former teammate, I wish him the best every week except this week. You never wish an injury on anybody, but if we can hold him to the worst outing of his year, that will be good for us."

However, stopping Bradshaw is a lot easier said than done. As he has become a duel threat in the rushing and receiving game, he has became the straw that stirs the high powered Colts offense. Ahmad’s toughness cannot go unnoticed, and Kiwanuka even states this when asked what he’s seen out of Ahmad this past season.

“I saw a couple games live and they’re talking about his injury and coming back and the way he’s running without any fear or with complete disregard for the fact that he had issues," noted Kiwanuka. "It makes me respect him even more. When you approach a guy who’s athletic, who’s good in space, who blocks well, who runs the ball as hard as he can and who also has that passion and wants it, you’ve got to be able to match that intensity.” As the Giants have been on a roller coaster of a year, can they show up this Sunday and match the intensity that Bradshaw and company bring? We’ll have to see."

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