Jameel McClain relishing starter's role

With Jon Beason undergoing season ending surgery to his foot, middle linebacker Jameel McClain is the next guy up on the roster and he isn't shying away from this golden opportunity.

The Giants will consider adopting the slogan “no rest for the weary” as team officials confirmed the worst by announcing linebacker Jon Beason’s season-ending surgery for a toe injury. His replacement, Jameel McClain, no stranger to injury himself discussed some of the intangibles his “dog” brought, saying “Jon, he’s amazing. First off, thinking about Jon, I know how much of a warrior he is and how competitive he is, so it’s disappointing on that side of it, to be in his shoes, because I’ve been there before. As a team, we lose a great leader. We lose someone in a certain aspect because I know Jon and Jon will be here and will be coaching us all up and giving us all of the tips that he has because he’s just a sharing person like that. We lose someone great in that aspect it.”

Feelings aside, everyone understands that the show must continue, something McClain made clear with “My role has been what it’s always been – to go in there and play wherever necessary, to go in any position. I don’t know what it changes in a leadership role for me. I think I’ll just continue to be myself and continue to play linebacker.”

The SU Orangeman is looking forward to this week’s game against the Colts, who showed plenty of offensive prowess in their mega-yardage 51-34 loss to the Steelers. McClain, already prepping for Sunday, said “We did see them in the preseason but this is not the preseason on both ends.” And continued saying “I’m a football guy. I’ve been breaking them down and getting into them. They’re a good team, they’re a good team obviously and that much everybody knows.”

McClain’s singled out Colts’ QB Andrew Luck, saying “He’s amazing with throwing the ball. He has great accuracy and he obviously can run, so you kind of have to pick your poison with him at some point with him.” The defensive stalwart simultaneously continued his praise of the QB and warned teammates when he said “…you have to be able to count on all 11 men on the field and know everybody knows where they’re supposed to be because one small crack and this guy, he can throw the ball between two defenders and make it look easy, one of the most complicated passes to do in this league.”

And although the Colts are a passing team (61% passing rate), McClain thinks their running game, led by former Giant Ahmad Bradshaw, is another headache, saying “They’re good at throwing the ball but they’re good at running it. I’ve seen some successful runs. They have some good, hard, downhill, hard-nosed runners.” He also praised his opponents’ O-Line, saying “When you can get running backs out of the backfield, you’re doing something good. It means that your O-line is blocking, blocking really well when you’re getting that many people out.”

In either scenario - Aerial attack or ground threat- Jameel McClain and the New York Giants will need to be prepared and ready and bring their offense too because this is the NFL and ending a 2 game losing streak don’t come easy.

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