Bradshaw 'anxious' for Giant homecoming

Veteran running back Ahmad Bradshaw does not harbor bitterness, but he’s still looking forward to coming home.

Giants fans will see a familiar face on the field when their team takes on the Indianapolis Colts this Monday night. Ahmad Bradshaw, a two-time Super Bowl champion with New York, will be back in the Meadowlands for the first time since the Giants released him following the 2012 season.

Fans will get to see one of their favorite players thriving in an explosive Colts offense. For Bradshaw, it will feel like coming home.

“That was family to me at one time and that was like home to me,” said the eighth-year tailback, “Just to be able to go back home and be around old fans, and play in front of old fans of mine, and family, just to get back and see those guys, and be in that atmosphere, it gives you a lot. It makes me anxious just to be ready for this game and be ready to go.”

Being released by a team after playing through years of foot injuries might make a player bitter, but Bradshaw is very positive about his time with the Giants. Although he was rarely at 100 percent health, the seventh-round pick out of Marshall treated Giants fans to 4,232 yards of rushing during his six years in New Jersey. After the 2012 season, the Giants cut Bradshaw loose with the intent of handing the running back duties over to David Wilson.

“I know how this business goes, just being around, seven years at the time, or six years at the time when I left,” said Bradshaw, “I knew it was a business, and I know I gave everything I could to the Giants, injury-wise, and just being out there on the field. They got my all.”

The Giants’ plans didn’t exactly work out the way they planned. Once again, they are dealing with running back injuries, while Bradshaw continues to plug away for a Colts team that is doing a lot of things right this year. For the veteran back, the change in organizations wasn’t a huge transition.

“You had a good group of guys that had a lot of veterans in it and a lot of leadership. You had a lot of young guys that were making a statement,” he said, “As in, Andrew Luck and a lot of different guys here, T.Y. Hilton, and those guys. It wasn’t a big change in organizations, it just a different team, different state.”

While the Colts have perhaps the top young quarterback in the game, the Giants must figure out how to turn things around with the pieces they have. We’ll see how far along they are on Monday night.

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