Strahan honored at Giants homecoming ceremony

As part of the New York Giants homecoming ceremony, over 100 former players are scheduled to be honored and one of the most famous of all, defensive end Michael Strahan spoke to reporters about his illustrious playing career and equally impressive television career.

Michael Strahan was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer and on Monday Night the Giants payed homage to No. 92 and 100 former members of Big Blue. Now most recognizable for co-starring alongside Kelly Rippa on ABC's Morning Show Live with Kelly and Michael, Strahan told reporters that he is relishing his current role on television.

"Well, a lot of the tough guys that used to talk about football now go, ‘Oh, I love you on TV.’ A lot of that’s kind of shifted", admitted Strahan. "It’s a little bit of both but probably more from TV than anything else. But that’s a compliment. I look at that as a compliment to be able to go from sports to television and have people not just look at you as an athlete."

In addition to his gig with ABC, Strahan is a studio analyst for FOX NFL Sunday, but every so often he still gets that itch to throw the cleats on.

"Believe me, there’s still a part of me that wishes I could put on a uniform and come out here and play tonight," stated the Hall of Fame great. "That would be nice, but if I did that I don’t know how many plays I’d make and then I’d definitely know I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning."

As for Monday Night's contest between Andrew Luck's Colts and Eli Manning's Giants, Strahan commended Indianapolis' signal-caller and understands the G-men have a tall task ahead.

I’d love to sack Andrew Luck. The problem is catching Andrew Luck. He’s lucky. He’s good for a reason because he’s a great hard-working player. It would be very nice to sack a lot of these young guys.

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