Giants Loss to Colts 'a big teacher game'

Andrew Luck terrorized the New York Giants on Monday night to the tune of 354 passing yards and four touchdowns, but linebacker Jacquian Williams thinks his defensive unit can learn from its poor performance in Week 9 and correct the mistakes in time for next week's heavy weight bout with the Seattle Seahawks.

In last night’s Monday Night affair, the Indianapolis Colts showed yet again why they’re considered one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL today. Quarterback Andrew Luck led an aerial assault against a depleted Giants defense, including numerous huge gains in the passing game.

Possibly the most demoralizing sequence of the game for the Giants came right at the beginning of the second quarter when at first glance it appeared Luck had completed a pass down the left sideline to tight end Coby Fleener for a 21-yard gain.

After further examination, it looked as if Giants linebacker Jacquian Williams was able to pry the ball free from Fleener’s hands resulting in an incomplete pass. Luck, aware of the potential impending challenge quickly snapped the ball just a second before Tom Coughlin was able to toss his red challenge flag onto the field. The Giants defense was disoriented on the snap, and left Fleener wide open for a 32-yard TD.

After the game, Jacquian Williams acknowledged that he thought the play prior was an incomplete pass.

“Yeah, I thought I got it out, but the good thing about it, I went back to the huddle,” noted Williams.

The team looked visibly confused before the next snap and Luck took advantage by getting the play off quickly. From Williams’ perspective, Luck’s hurried pace was not a surprise.

“We knew what Andrew Luck does and that’s something that he does.,” admitted the Giants linebacker. “That was just something that we’ve got to clean up as a defense. Just a play that needed to be cleaned up.”

Moving forward, the defense knows they still have a lot to learn from the performance. In the case of Williams and the rest of the linebackers, he was active in coverage most of the evening chasing down the two-headed Colts tight-end monster of Duane Allen and Coby Fleener.

“They just made some good catches,” noted Williams. “They’re in the NFL, too. They’re going to make plays. They made plays tonight, they made key plays. For me, (I need) to be ready to step up to the next challenge and finish the season off.”

Williams would go on to indicate the entire defense could take something away from this one, “That’s a big teacher, a big teacher game.”

Treading shouldn’t get too much easier for the Giants next week, as they now must venture off to Seattle to take on the resurgent Seahawks. The defense will look to improve against a Seahawks’ Offense that lacks big-play options on the outside.

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