Eli: Younger guys need to step up

Eli Manning spoke with reporters this week ahead of the New York Giants road contest with the Seattle Seahawks and insisted that Big Blue's young bloods including rookies Odell Beckham Jr. and Andre Williams need to give the team a boost in Week 10.

As the Giants have gone through a rollercoaster of a season, sandwiching a three-game winning streak in between five losses, the team has continued to try to find what has went wrong, and furthermore, what went right in that winning streak. Unfortunately, lady luck hasn’t been on the Giants side as the team has lost their two most important offensive pieces in Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings to injury. However, it’s not necessarily about mourning over the injuries, it’s how the club can potentially rebound from their injury issues.

Can the season pickup? Despite the Eagles surging even with Mark Sanchez at the helm, and the Cowboys success with DeMarco Murray carrying them into first place on his back, the Giants do in fact have an opportunity to make the playoffs. However, the team’s overall mindset must still be intact, and according to Manning, the team’s spirit is still there.

“The mood’s good. I think we know we’ve got to play better football, we know we can play better, so I thought we’ve had good practices so far this week,” noted Manning. “Guys are flying around. We know we’re playing a good team on the road, but we’re excited about the challenge and excited about playing better football than we have been.”

Can the teams spirit translate to success on the field? We’ll have to see. If there is any hope, the team that won the NFC East last season was 3-5 at this point. When Eli was asked about this, he seemed very optimistic stating

“Yeah, we know we’ve still got a lot of football left, admitted the Giants quarterback. “We’ve got half the season left. We’re down a little bit but nothing we can’t come back from. We’ve got to just keep working, keep finding ways to improve and we’ve just got to take one game at a time. We’re worried about Seattle right now, handle our business and see how everything else works out.”

There is potential for everything to work out, and in spite of the injuries, the team has had a next man up approach, and in this case Odell Beckham Jr. has responded admirably to the opportunity he’s been presented with. Stepping up for Cruz, he’s presented Giant fans with a glimmer of hope for the future. Eli has even complimented his younger teammates success, going on about the next man up mentality.

“You have to have some young guys step up but also the veterans guys, they have to step up also,” stated Manning. “I have to play great football and do my job and make sure everybody’s prepared on the offensive unit. As an offensive guy, all we can worry about is our squad and our offensive guys and doing our job. We still feel that we’ve got good players and guys that can make plays, some young guys stepping into some roles to be able to do that.”

Yes, the G-Men remain 3-5, but the young replacements for the injured starters are growing comfortable in their roles, and progress looks to be on the horizon. We’ve seen these Giants get hot before, and Tom Coughlin has never lost his club before, and I expect this team to rally behind him. There is always optimism in the air with Coughlin at the helm.

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