Cheers and Jeers: Giants vs. Seahawks:

The Giants Beat's Aaron Yorke reviews the best and worst from Big Blue's 38-17 loss to Seattle.


Odell Beckham Jr.

In a shockingly short amount of time, Beckham has gone from injured draft pick to the top target in the passing game. Eli Manning did target Rueben Randle one more time than Beckham on Sunday afternoon, but while Randle hasn’t made much of his targets, Beckham has made the most of his. The LSU alum hauled in seven passes against the Seahawks for his second straight 100-yard receiving game. He even made All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman look ordinary at times.

Preston Parker

Parker was plagued by drops in the Giants’ loss to Indianapolis in Week 9, but he bounced back for a surprisingly solid game on Sunday. With Sherman focusing on the other two wide receivers, Parker managed to catch all seven of his targets for 79 yards and a score. His touchdown catch in the first quarter came on a play where Parker wasn’t the primary target, but he managed to get open just as Manning was running out of time.

Zack Bowman

Pressed into action by a slew of defensive back injuries lately, Bowman wasn’t challenged much by a Seattle attack that threw the ball just 17 times. While Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson torched the Giants on the ground, Bowman picked off a Wilson pass in the first quarter to give the Giants a momentum boost. Big Blue followed that up with 14 unanswered points before being run over by Seattle in the second half.


Andre Williams

With Peyton Hillis and Michael Cox both suffering injuries in Seattle, Williams needed to come up big, but he managed just 33 yards on 13 carries. The rookie did have an impressive touchdown run, so it wasn’t all bad, but the Giants needed some more consistent ball control on Sunday to keep Wilson and Lynch off the field. That didn’t happen, and it was up to Manning to carry the New York attack. Eventually, Seattle intercepted him and took control of the game.

The Front Seven

It’s not as though the Giants have not seen the zone read option before. Washington ran it against them two years ago with a healthy Robert Griffin III as well as Alfred Morris. New York couldn’t figure out the scheme then, and they sure as heck couldn’t figure it out on Sunday. The front seven was bludgeoned for a Seattle record 350 rushing yards. It didn’t seem to matter whether Wilson kept the ball or handed it to Lynch. Either way, there were yards to be had. Even reserve back Christine Michael got in on the fun with 71 late yards on just four carries.

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