Antrel Rolle: The film never lies

After reviewing the game film from last Sunday's embarrassing 38-17 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks, safety Antrel Rolle told reporters that the tale of the tape shows the glaring weaknesses of the New York Giants defense.

Defense was once a calling card for the Giants: now it is a liability. In this latest game against the defending Super Bowl champions, the Giants were tied heading into the fourth. But, as too often the case this season, the defense forgot the meaning of defense, and were helpless Seattle reeled off 21 unanswered points causing the Giants to come away reeling.

With all the defensive issues, there should be concrete, definitive actions taken to remedy this problem and address the current situation.

Unfortunately, it’s not as if the leaders of the team are here to provide any solace or any of those solutions.

Safety Antrel Rolle says when looking at film, it’s the same problems every week. “The same thing. Pay attention to minor details, understanding what the teams are going to throw at you. More importantly, just doing your job as an individual.”

Simply put, Rolle believes the defense has not been doing its job, and it’s up to everyone individually to correct the collective mistakes.

“Everyone doing their job, each man,” noted Rolle. “You have to be selfish at this point. When I say selfish, selfish in a point of you can’t worry about a guy next to you. Every man just has to go out there and do his job; do his assignment the best he can. When you get 11 guys doing it, you are going to have an effective defense.”

To back this sentiment up, Rolle says film, like numbers: don’t lie.

“When you watch it on film, no, I am not surprised,” admitted the Giants safety. “It’s on film, the film never lies. I don’t discredit any opponent, but it is more so us than what the opponent is throwing at us. It is more so us paying attention to detail and transferring what we learned in practice, and transferring it over to the field.”

Rolle says the players are the ones who should be held responsible for the poor performance, and the coaches can only do so much to prepare the players each week.

“I think coaches have done a great job with presenting us with details,” offered Rolle. Us, as players, have to do a better job of paying attention to detail and make sure we execute our assignments.”

Despite the poor defensive performances, Rolle acknowledges the last seven games of the season are not about dwelling on past mistakes, but correcting them for future performance.

“I am sure guys heard it, that is all we have at this point, stand tall and go out there and fight,” noted Rolle. “Fight at all costs; try to get a win at all costs. That is what this league is about. It is still seven games left to play. We’ve got to go out there and play ball.”

Play ball, and play defense. Seems like a simple task to accomplish, but this season, that has been a Giant problem.

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