Eli Manning: It's 'gut check' time for Giants

At 3-7 the New York Giants playoff hopes are fading fast and quarterback Eli Manning understands that one more loss could close the door on any prayer of playing football in January.

The past month has been a terrible one to say the least for the New York Giants. The Giants current losing streak, was moved up to four straight after they lost to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday 38-17. After taking a 17-14 lead into halftime, the Giants defense crumbled giving 24 second half points, while Big Blues offense couldn’t sustain any drives and get into the end zone.

This has been the same old problems the Giants have been having the past four games. The offense has been unable to sustain drives and score touchdowns, while the defense has played poorly against the run and have not been able to get much pressure on the opposing teams quarterbacks.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning said on the problems the team needs to fix offensively going forward to win some ballgames.

“I don’t think there’s just one thing,” noted Manning. “I think it’s a combination of making the plays that are there, avoiding the mistakes, the penalties, the things that are preventing us from keeping drives or scoring more points than we are.”

Typically with teams who have long losing streak, they start to lose confidence. They start not to believe in themselves and back down when things go wrong during a game. Manning said on the matter of the team losing confidence in themselves.

“No, obviously we’re disappointed in our play that we haven’t been able to win some games and play at the level that we need to and expect to. Guys are working. I think we know that we can play better than what we are, we’ve just got to go do it.”

This week Giants head coach Tom Coughlin message to the was to “Stand Tall”, and Manning agrees with his head coach message to the team going forward the rest of the season. Manning said on how the stand tall message has really impacted the team.

“I think guys know what we have to do,” offered Manning. “Guys are sticking together, guys are practicing hard and doing the right things. We’ve just got to… in the tough times is when you really have to stay together, keep working, keep grinding, put in extra effort to ensure that we get that win.”

To get a win, the Giants will have to play their best football of the season this week. They face tough opponents in the San Francisco 49ers, who are coming off a big overtime win against the New Orleans Saints and like Big Blue are trying to make run at the postseason.

With a must win game on Sunday against the 49ers, it’s gut check time for the Giants said Manning.

“It’s just about finding a gut check,” noted Manning. “You never know what’s going to spark it. I think the guys know we can play better, we can make plays and feel good about what we’re doing. It’s just taking things to that next level and playing a little bit better.”

The Giants with their loss against the Seahawks last week dropped to 3-6 on the season, the same record the team was at this time last season.

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