Eli Manning defends goal line play calls

The Giants were four yards away from pulling a major upset against the San Francisco 49ers, but Eli Manning's four tosses towards the end zone went for naught. Despite the heart-breaking loss, Big Blue's signal-caller isn't second guessing Ben McAdoo's decision to throw the ball four times inside the four-yard line.

Four downs to get four yards. Three fades, and one interception later, the Giants chances were squandered, their playoff chances dashed, but the memory is still fresh.

Eli Manning, the quarterback responsible for five interceptions in the 16-10 loss to San Francisco on Sunday says it doesn’t get better watching it again.

“I watched it last night. Watched the film and looked at all of the plays and tried to learn from that,” noted Manning. “See why certain things didn’t happen, sometimes you don’t always see it exactly how you thought you saw it on certain plays. Try to learn from it, it is hard to put it behind you. Kind of wake up and you start thinking about it at night also when you are trying to sleep. Plays you wish you had back or opportunities you wish you had.”

As for whether miscommunication between himself and the wide receivers is to blame, Manning says the blame should be placed on his shoulders.

“There was one where the corner jumped it, tried to pull it back and couldn’t pull it back, and it went to another guy. I think all of them were on me, just a poor decision and trying to make the throw, or an inaccurate throw.”

As for the three fades thrown on the goal line stand, Manning says they were the right throws given the 49ers strategy.

“Down there, you look for your one-on-one matchups. We had one-on-one with Larry Donnell on a safety, we like that matchup,” admitted Manning. “We had Rueben Randle one-on-one. We are very, very close to converting on those. It is not like we had four plays with no chance. I’ve got to throw better balls on it, the receivers have got to try and make the play and another reminder of how close we were. I thought the plays, we got what we wanted. We tried to move guys around and create a matchup that we liked, we got the matchup we liked. We just didn’t convert on it.”

Right plays, wrong results. It sounds like a cliche at this point. But, a cliche, while often overused doesn’t mean they are untrue. In this case, this is the cliche for the Giants. The man who wants the ball gets it:except when he doesn’t.

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