McClain, Giants look to 'stop the bleeding'

The New York Giants are sitting at 3-8, but middle linebacker Jameel McClain thinks his group still has plenty of fight left in it.

Despite being out of playoff contention, Tom Coughlin is still preaching the importance of finishing each game and closing the season strong. Jameel McClain, the Giants’ linebacker, is fully on board, saying “We haven’t completed a game and finishing is the most important part in football. The cliché statement is ‘it’s not how you start, it is how you finish.’ It is really the most important part we have been missing out on.”

He believes how the team plays its remaining games will reveal its true character, saying “this is where I am judging you the most and you should judge me the most when you are fighting just for pride and just for respect and see how much pride and respect you have in yourself, you have in this organization, and you have in this city.” And McClain is going to be on the lookout for slackers too, sending out a warning with “I will be looking around at everything, I will be looking at the players, I will be looking at the fans, I will be looking at myself extra hard to make sure I am doing everything to let everyone know I have no quit in me.” If the former SU Orangeman does not like what he sees, he plans to deal with it the way he usually does. “I am the type of person to talk to people one on one; I am that type of person. How I handle it? I don’t know, because I haven’t had to come across many of those situations. I do speak to people one on one and we just talk as men.”

A Super Bowl champ with the Ravens, McClain recognizes his team’s weakness against the run; something that will be handy come Sunday when the Giants face the explosive Dennard Robinson and the sputtering Jacksonville Jaguars. In terms of the G-men’s issues with the run, he said “I could put a finger on it, but it is a family matter. I don’t speak about family matters in public. We just have to fix the things we have to fix, we all have to do our jobs and focus on that… not just finishing this season, finishing a game, we have to finish, and we have to focus on the fundamentals of the game…you’ve heard me say it a million times.”

With regards to D-Rob, McClain said “Every time, man, stop the run, stop the run. Stop the bleeding and make their quarterback have to be great. That is what any NFL team, Dennard is playing some good football, doing some great things out of the backfield, running and catching. Definitely something we have to focus on and shutting that down and letting their rookie quarterback do what he does.”

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