Coughlin takes responsibility for losing ways

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin wants to shoulder the blame for the team's struggles in spite of the players not performing during a seven game slide.

When you are 3-8, I suppose its hard to call any game a trap game. Those words are generally reserved for playoff teams facing a subpar opponent. One portion of this scenario rings true for the Giants, but I think you can figure out which one does not.

There are five games to play, and the next game for the Giants is against the Jaguars. Although this certainly doesn’t seem like a daunting task, Tom Coughlin knows it about finishing the season strong.

“You work your tail off to get the game in a position where you can win it. Now let’s go win it. We haven’t done it. You keep working. Obviously is there confidence, is it an issue of confidence, what are the issues? We analyze everything, just as you do, fine and dandy but until we do it and we step up and the guys that can do it perform so that we can win, it will be a question that all of us will ask. We do spend a lot of time talking about finish, finish, finish, finish. That’s what this thing is about, that’s the whole point is to finish. Well, we’ve got to do a better job.”

As for facing Jacksonville, Coughlin noted their defensive front is very skilled at getting to the quarterback.

“They get a total of five sacks in the game,” noted Coughlin. “They are very good, I think, a very good defensive team. I was shocked to look at the numbers but they’re a team that has an outstanding front, they rush the passer very, very well with 33 sacks.”

As for his own defensive front, and their lack of impact on games, Coughlin says the pressures called are not getting home and the reevaluation process is being done.

“When we call pressures, take a look and see who’s getting home, whether it comes out of the secondary, the linebackers, whatever you want to call it” stated Coughlin. “You can talk about pressure all you want but we’ve got to have people to get to the ball, get to the quarterback. That hasn’t happened much. And we, quite frankly, we have called pressures, pressures have been aborted or not performed very well. It is something that has been missing the majority of the time this year. Plus, to be honest with you, we’ve had some missed assignments when those are called. The responsibility starts with me.”

Its defensive prowess against defensive ineptitude to a certain extent Sunday, and this time, for the Giants to prevail, they must reverse the teams attributed to those statements.

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