Eli Manning on losing streak: "It's not fun"

After letting another lead slip away on Sunday, Big Blue will be playing for pride the rest of the season

While the Giants have had many chances to turn their season around, it seems like now there is only an opportunity to save face and win as many games as possible. The best record that the team can finish with is 7-9, and that’s not a lot of fun for Big Blue or the fans.

After a 25-24 loss to Jacksonville in which the Giants blew a 21-0 lead and allowed the Jaguars to score twice on defensive rumble recoveries, the once-promising 2014 season has turned into a hopeless scenario. All we can hope for is that Eli Manning and company find some way to improve over their final four games and bring some positive feelings back to Giants football.

“It is not fun, it is tough, it is hard,” said Manning about the losing streak, which has now reached seven games, “I feel like we are doing some good things. First half, about as good as it goes, and it’s the way it is supposed to look. We knew they were a talented defense, we knew it was not going to be easy at times. They would make some plays, and that we would get some pressure at times. They would stop us some drives and you can’t give them two touchdowns, that just makes it tough.”

Sunday wasn’t the first time that the Giants have blown a lead this season. In Week 12 against Dallas, they led 21-10 at the half before falling 31-28. Earlier this year against Arizona, the Giants coughed up a 14-10 third quarter advantage.

“I don’t think there is one specific thing,” said Manning about his team’s struggles, “From the offensive standpoint, it is not so much the end of the game that has been the exact problem, it is somewhere in that third or fourth quarter when we are making mistakes at that point to put the team back in contention and give them a chance to get back in and making it tough on our defense. We have to do a better job at that of kind of learning, you can almost give yourself a great opportunity to win the game and the third quarter and the second half to give yourself a bigger lead and not hurt yourself.”

Of course, offense isn’t the only problem. The defense has been ravaged by injuries in both the front seven and secondary. Prince Amukamara was in the midst of a breakout season when he tore his biceps against the Colts in Week 9. Now Robert Ayers – perhaps the team’s best pass rusher – is lost for the year with a torn pectoral muscle. What was once a promising unit is now giving up points in bunches.

“I think we have good character in guys on this team who are going to keep fighting and we want to win,” said Manning, “We work hard, we work too hard not to get the wins, and we want that feeling of being proud of what we are doing.”

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