Rolle: No way Giants are turning on Coughlin

New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle has been the team's emotional leader the past few seasons and the team's 3-9 record does not sit well with the defensive leader.

It has been another season to forget for the middling New York Giants. In a year of devastating disappointments, there had been no greater deflating performance than the second half collapse last week against the putrid Jacksonville Jaguars. After leading the then (1-10) Jaguars 21-3 at the midway point, the G-Men self-destructed giving away two defensive touchdowns en route to the most demoralizing loss of the season.

At this point, it’s time for the team to show some pride and guts for its fans. Following the calamity like last week, it would be easy for the team to “mail-it-in” for the rest of the year and take it into the offseason. But as professional athletes, they owe it to the fan base to bring maximum effort every week, and keep morale high even in depressing situations. This week the Giants face a very comparable opponent in the Tennessee Titans, who’ve also had their fair share of close games and lost opportunities.

The 2014 Giants’ season has be largely affected by a multitude of injuries on both sides of the ball. It’s difficult to overcome absences from studs like Victor Cruz and Prince Amukamura, in addition to 18 others who are on the Injured Reserve List. Safety Antrel Rolle isn’t ready to blame this season’s performance solely on injuries.

He noted, “We should definitely have more wins than we have now…Without a doubt.”

When there are no playoff aspirations at this point in an NFL season, often times the mindset changes for many players and the frustration has a tendency to boil over into the locker room.

Rolle addressed the increased frustration amongst his teammates, “We win together, we lose together and as long as that doesn’t get out of hand the frustration hopefully transfers over to guys wanting to do more. Be more positive, make more plays.”

One thing that seems firm, at least from Rolle’s perspective, is the team’s unity behind Head Coach Tom Coughlin.

When asked about the team possibly turning against their head honcho Rolle answered very definitively.

“That is not going to happen here, that is not what we are about, coaches coach, players play the game.”

It’s certainly a good sign that Coughlin hasn’t lost the locker room, at least to the public’s eye, and it appears his veteran players remain loyal to his coaching style and performance. With a miserable season winding to an end, Giants fans can still cling to the stable organizational core that has kept them competitive over the past decade.

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