Injured Giants' coach: "Old age sucks"

Injuries have devastated the Giants depth chart this season and now they've spread to the sidelines as special teams coach Tom Quinn was the latest to fall victim to bad luck on the injury front.

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn is hardly ever the center of attention, but after a not-so glamorous occurrence on the sidelines, he's been the talk of the New York media this week.

The reason Quinn is being written about is because he, like so many Giants players, suffered an injury.

Fortunately, it won’t cause him to miss any time, but it adds another bite delivered by the injury bug.

Or, maybe, according to Quinn himself, just chalk this one up to old age.

“It was during the game. I made a quick movement on a sudden change to get some guys off the bench onto the field, and then my calf tore," offered Quinn. "Old age sucks.”

As coach Quinn said, “when it rains it pours,” but the coach will be on the sideline, though I doubt he will be making that same move this time around.

Moving on the field, with injuries piled up like pizza boxes, Quinn says shifting and sliding players to special teams has become commonplace.

“Yeah, it is a constant roll. We are kind of used to it, that is usually what happens with special teams. You get new guys in…pretty much across the board it is the verbiage that changes, but schemes pretty much stay the same on the standard way you play it and you will add your wrinkles on how you exactly want to do it. Getting your guys in is good, it gets more competition, which is always good.”

For a player to keep an eye on, Quinn says watch for Orleans Darkwa.

“He has done well. He came in, very level headed kid, smart, understands quickly and nothing is too big. Had to switch him around with some injuries last week….like his speed, he’s trained well with the place he was before so he is able to come in and contribute.”

Hopefully, for Orleans sake, the coaching will be just standing while watching.

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