Mettenberger: Beckham Jr.'s catch not special

Titans starting quarterback Zach Mettenberger tossed more than a few touchdown passes to Odell Beckham Jr. when the two were starring at LSU in college. On the heels of Beckham's acrobatic catch in Week 11, Mettenberger still thinks that his former college teammate made better catches in practice than the one against the Dallas Cowboys a few weeks ago.

Sunday afternoon in the world of football features a couple of teams in the New York Giants and Tennessee Titans that have suffered multiple losses, various injuries, and, now, the ignominy of NFL anonymity. Titans QB Zach Mettenberger is certain that both teams are going to show up.

“Well, obviously we are not going to pack it in and quit," said the Titans QB. "That is not the mindset that we have and I am sure that is not the mindset of the Giants. We feel that we got a stretch of games here that are possible for us to win. You have to put the time and effort to go out there and get the victory that we need this Sunday against the Giants and build from there.”

The former LSU standout provided a glimpse into his preparation as the Tennessee's signal-caller.

“Most of the quarterback position is mental," Mettenberger said. "What reps I can’t get physically, I will definitely be getting the mental reps of it.”

He spent a decent amount of time on his pregame conference call with the press discussing his former teammate, potential Rookie of the Year, and current Giants number 1 receiving threat, Odell Beckham Jr. Most importantly, THE catch; something Mettenberger was decidedly unimpressed with.

“He has had better in practices at LSU,” noted Mettenberger. “Yeah, I didn’t stutter him and Jarvis Landry both have been known to make those catches. That was not a surprise for anyone who has been around those two for the last three years.”

Beckham’s former QB was adamant that the receiver’s catch was really not that special.

“I think the circumstances with the pass interference and it being a touchdown was what made it so great.

"Trust me, if you can get your hands on some of the practice film at LSU you could see just how freaky of catches that he has made in the past,” noted Mettenberger.

And although he couldn’t think of the “best” catch Beckham Jr. had made, Mettenberger did say that if any one person could catch without his hands it would be his former Tiger teammate, saying “I wouldn’t put it past him. If you challenged him, he would probably try and do it.”

Given the respective roles on their teams, both players are obviously busy which Mettenberger confirmed with “…you get caught up doing your own things with our teams. I will be sure to touch base with this week.” His enthusiasm for his college mate didn’t end there with Mettenberger saying “Odell Beckham Jr. is a great guy. Without a doubt he is the best athlete I have ever been around personally. Not just football, but basketball, baseball, soccer, he can do it all – I have seen him do it all. I am very proud of him and the work he has put in, and the success he is having on the field.”

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