Antrel Rolle is in awe of Odell Beckham

New York Giants veteran safety Antrel Rolle offered high praise for rookie Odell Beckham Jr., who in his estimation hasn't even started to reach his potential.

Safety Antrel Rolle minced few words as he described Big Blue’s two-game winning streak, saying “For us, it means everything at this point. We know there is no future for the postseason for us right now, so all we have to do is go out there and try to win each and every game we possibly can to close out the season with some wins under our belt without negativity and a bad taste in our mouth.”

The three-time Pro Bowler analyzed the Giants’ 24-13 win over divisional foes, the Washington Redskins, saying “We were able to capitalize on it coming out and getting the onside kick, which was a phenomenal call, by the way. Defense was playing resilient and offense was doing what they’re doing.” He elaborated with “A lot of our defensive line got out there with heart and got some sacks. That’s pretty much it. In the second half I think we came out and played phenomenal defense.”

Rolle, who was part of the Super Bowl winning team in 2011, defended his on-the-hot-seat head coach, Tom Coughlin, saying “We’re always positive and have a great feeling with Coach Coughlin. I’m a firm believer in coaches coach and the players play the game. He’s always been the same. In my five years here, he’s always been the same guy. He’s not going to change. It’s up to us as players to go out there and execute our assignments and make the plays.”

He was equally positive and optimistic on rival QB, Washington’s Robert Griffin III, saying “RGIII is a phenomenal talent. He’s been going through some tough times. When it’s all said and done, when you’re on the football field, you’re on the football field. He possesses a lot of great things. Strong arm. He can move. He’s elusive in the pocket. He made some good plays for himself out there today.”

The tenacious defender left his biggest praise for the G-Men’s silver lining, Odell Beckham Jr. Rolle began by praising the receiver’s skill and mental, saying “Nothing this guy does amazes me at this point. He’s a phenomenal talent and more importantly, I think he has the attitude and passion that this game deserves and that this team needs. He tries to go out there and be the best of the best each and every time on the field. He has a lot of goals in mind and he’s trying to reach them.” Rolle is positive that opposing defenses are going to start pinpointing the attacking phenom as he said “When it’s hard to contain one guy, it’s definitely going to cause some frustration within the defensive unit. He’s been that guy. He’s been that bug in their ear. I hope he keeps doing what he’s doing. I know he will.”

Rolle confirmed the adage of defenses feeding off their offense, saying “This guy feeds the entire team. He fills the stadium. He’s an exciting guy to watch. He’s a hell of a player. He goes out there and he makes plays when given the opportunity. He plays beyond the Xs and Os, for sure. We love to have him as a part of the Giants.”

Given that Beckham is just a rookie, still learning the Xs and Os, and continuously developing physically, Coach Coughlin will be equally glad to have the former LSU standout as a Giant for the next couple of seasons; that is if he’s still running the Giants’ sideline!

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