Rams conference call with New York media

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher spoke to the New York media this week and said some interesting things to say about the Giants pass-rush, specifically Jason Pierre-Paul and Johnathan Hankins.

Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher – Post-Practice – December 18, 2014

(On the players decision the throw a Christmas party in Ferguson)

“It doesn’t surprise me. Guys have done an awful lot over there that has not drawn attention. It would make sense that over the holidays that guys would get involved down there.”

(On QB Shaun Hill’s performance this season)

“He’s played well. He’s won some big games for us. Put us in position to win one out on the West Coast. He’s got a lot of help in the victories. I don’t think he got the help that he needed last Thursday night. Overall, he’s managing the game well and has a good feel for what he’s doing.”

(On Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul) “Over the years he’s developed more moves, counters. He’s really got a good up field under move. He plays hard. He’s playing well against the run. He’s going to give any left tackle problems if the quarterback holds the ball. We’ve seen that here the last couple of weeks.”

Rams Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer – Post-Practice – December 18, 2014

(On the amount of sacks the Giants have and if they look like a blitzing team) “No, a lot of the sacks have come on third down, obviously, passing situations. They do a good job to find ways to get (Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul) ‘JPP’ isolated on different guys. They move him around some. Some gains, but a lot of it’s been coverage sacks. They’ve been covering guys pretty well in the back half and quarterbacks are having to hold the ball and there’s no place to really go and they’re getting home. You look at them early in the season and they were getting around them, but not really getting to them. Now you kind of watch them in the last couple weeks. I don’t know what the number is, but they’ve been around them quite a bit. Certainty, something that we’re aware of and need to be smart about what we’re doing.”

(On DT Johnathan Hankins performance this season)

“Yeah, he’s had a very good year. You certainly notice him when he’s able to play the three-technique and kind of press the shoulder of the guard and kind of get penetration, you see him more than anything. I think for where their been with injuries and stuff,you see a lot of different numbers out there, but they’re kind of finding they’re grove right now. That’ll be a big challenge because if they can get you in the third-down-and-long, they can really create some problems for you.”

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