Andre Williams keys Giants' upset victory

New York Giants rookie running back Andre Williams has been making waves the past few weeks as the ground game has suddenly come to life the final three games of the season.

And this season’s award for the streakiest team in the NFL…the New York Giants. They began the year by dropping their first 2 games, then won their next 3 before a slew of injuries derailed them on route to 7 consecutive losses. The team is currently in the midst of another 3 game win streak with 4th round rookie running back, Andre Williams, a key component of Big Blue’s late season success. The 2013 Heisman finalist has recorded a couple of 100+ yard games during this stretch and is averaging higher in the 2nd half of the season (376 yards, 3.7 yds/gm, 3 TDs) than the 1st (302 yards, 3.0 yds/gm, 3 TDs).

Given the stats and his freshman standing, it’s not surprising that Williams is satisfied with his season, saying “…the goal I held above everything else was just to come in and be productive, be able to get on the field and contribute in any way I can, and stay healthy, and finish the season…I think I accomplished everything I set forward to do in my rookie season.” He thinks the increase in offensive output can be chalked down to “Time and experience” and that he and the rest of the offense are still developing, saying “I think I am more patient, I think I see things better, I am just more settled in the backfield. There is more communication between everyone in the offense as a whole that has been keying us being productive offensively.”

Williams believes the team’s attack has undergone “growth as a group”, meaning “…there are a lot of different factors that contribute to the offense gaining momentum right now, and having the success we are able to have. I think the offensive line is definitely coming together and they are definitely helping me in terms of the run game. I know that we are fitting up a lot better on different run schemes, and it just looks cleaner out there, the communication is better. I think it is a combination of things.”

And, as is often the case, he feels that “everybody feeds off of success. Everybody feeds off of winning. We have been able to cultivate that feeling and cultivate the feeling of winning, and stay hungry for it. It is a very positive feeling in the locker room, and we are just trying to run with it and finish strong.”

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