Giants' GM apologizes to fans for 6-10 season

General Manager Jerry Reese met with reporters this week to discuss the New York Giants 2014 campaign and was less than thrilled with the end result, but insisted good things are on the horizon.

Following every season, each franchise must come to an assessment and summation of the year that passed. This week, it was the New York Giants’ chance to turn the final pages on the 2014 season and embrace the future.

On December 30th, General Manager Jerry Reese greeted the media and the Giants’ faithful followers for the final time this season. He offered hope, apologized, and promised better moving forward.

“Six and 10, obviously we are all disappointed. Like always, our goal is to come in the season, have a winning season, get into the tournament. Haven’t done that in the last few years, that is not our standard.“ Reese said.

“We want to apologize for that, number one, to our fans, who, no matter what, they come out and really give us their best. We want to apologize for that. Moving forward, I want to try and accentuate what the positive things are because there are plenty of people who can talk about what the negative things are.”

Too many, 2014 was a lost year for the Giants. It was a team that was supposed to compete in the NFC East with a new West Coast Offensive scheme, and key defensive contributors like Jason Pierre-Paul, Antrel Rolle, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie making plays on the other side of the ball. As a whole, the team struggled to put forth a complete effort for the duration of full games despite some great individual performances.

Just a few minutes or a stretch of plays can be the difference between a division champion and a top-10 pick in the NFL. Reese hopes to make the subtle changes in order to elevate the Giants to a playoff-caliber team.

Reese acknowledged such in his press conference. He commented, “When we win Super Bowls, or when we are 6-10, it is a really close margin between winning teams, teams that are in the playoffs, and teams that are not in the playoffs. It is a learned mentality, I think, a learned behavior that you have to close games out. We were so close so many times, our offense could’ve closed some games out, the defense could’ve closed some games out, special teams could’ve closed some games out. We have been really close.”

The Giants have some large decisions to make this offseason. It appears that Tom Coughlin will be back for another season, but marquee players and leaders like Jason Pierre-Paul and Antrel Rolle may have different fates. The offseason will also provide a proving ground for young budding stars like Odell Beckham, Devon Kennard, and Johnathan Hankins to ascend to the next level as football players.

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